Sunday, June 10, 2012

Deanna Rose Farmstead

Attraction: Deanna Rose Farmstead
Location: Overland Park
Cost: Free on Mondays- Thursdays, Fridays $2
Audience: Families, Great place for first dates

Coming from a small town, I found Deanna Rose to have a real farm-like feel. Its wide stretch of land creates a very peaceful atmosphere, and holds many different kinds of animals. Some of our favorites were the cows, horses, ducks, goats, bison, bobcats- although there were much more. For just a small cost, visitors can feed and pet the goats or go fishing in the nearby fishing pond. This farmstead is also a great educational experience, for volunteers show visitors how to milk cows, how butter is made, and how to properly care for animals. I recommend Deanna Rose for babysitters, families, couples, and just about anyone looking for something fun and engaging to do. We found a days worth of fun for a very small cost.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Attraction: Arboretum
Location: Overland Park
Cost: Free!
Audience: Everyone

The first attraction that I visited this summer was the Arboretum. Filled with hundreds of beautiful flowers and plants, these botanical gardens stretch out for miles. The Arboretum is separated into different sections, including nature trails, sculpture parks, waterfall portions, a children's play area, and a great, big pond that greets you when you walk in. Makenna, the little girl I babysit, and I enjoyed our picnic lunch right beside the water, feeding the huge goldfish our sandwich crusts. I really enjoyed my day here, and would recommend the Arboretum for anyone desiring a relaxing walk with a scenic view. Don't forget your tennis shoes!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

5 Things I Will Miss About Rockhurst

What I Will Miss About Rockhurst
5.) Planet Sub
Planet Sub is the sandwich, snack, coffee, and mini grocery store located in the Rockroom. The reason why Planet Sub (P-Sub for short) made this list is because it is attached to some very memorable Rockhurst moments. I remember freshmen and sophomore year when, after attending student mass on Sunday nights, everyone flooded to P-Sub for dinner. The line would be out the door, across the Rockroom, and up the steps. The Rockroom would just buzz with activity and it was a great time to socialize. I remember the beloved student employees who once worked there, whose personalities really made going to P-Sub an experience. I remember all the times we went to P-Sub to load up on candy and snacks before going to see a movie at SAB’s $3 movie night. Looking back now, I realize how many great memories began with a trip to P-Sub- whether it was staying up late “doing homework” with friends, picking up sandwiches to on to a picnic at Loose Park, or just enjoying some late-night conversations. 
Seniors living up the P-Sub experience one last time

Saturday, May 5, 2012

5 Things I Will Miss About Rockhurst

What I Will Miss About Rockhurst
4.) My Other CLC
One of the requirements to become a CLC leader is that you first must be involved in a CLC yourself. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, one of the things I love most about CLC is that you might be placed with a group of people who you may not otherwise be friends with. The CLC that I am a part of is no different. I joined my CLC (we named it "Joyce") my freshman year, and I am happy that it has played such a significant role in my college experience. I have gotten to know this group of friends on a deeper level over the course of four years, as each week we shared our highs, lows, and moments closest to God. We have participated in service projects together, as well as many social outings. Looking back, I remember meetings of intense laughter that would result in happy tears and belly aches. I remember our camping adventure, which included rolling down a hill into a pile of leaves, eating delicious peach cobbler our CLC leader made from scratch, and star-tipping. I remember volunteering at a Halloween safe-trick-or-treating event and how much fun we had decorating our "spooky" room. 
I will greatly miss this group of friends. They have each given me a new perspective on life and have helped me to grow as a person. I cannot help but think of these friends when I think about Rockhurst, and I feel so blessed to have been a part of "Joyce."

Friday, May 4, 2012

5 Things I Will Miss About Rockhurst

What I Will Miss About Rockhurst
3.) On-Campus Housing
For all four years at Rockhurst, I have chosen to live on campus. Beginning with freshman year, I quickly learned that living on campus is a fantastic way to get to know people and form a variety of friend groups. The convenience of just living steps away from the cafeteria and academic buildings is hard to beat, especially when meetings run late or when you are working on a group project. This is my second year of living in an on-campus house, which is just half a block away from campus, and this year has been no different than others regarding the benefits of on-campus living.
This can be illustrated through an event that occurred over this past weekend. Two of my roommates and I had been planning a surprise bridal shower for our fourth roommate, who had recently gotten engaged. Since none of us will likely be able to attend the real shower, we thought it would be fun to throw one for her Rockhurst friends. Unfortunately, she is a very difficult person to surprise, because she kept making plans that would force us to rearrange the time. Thankfully, most of the people who attended live on the same block of houses owned by Rockhurst, and it wasn't a huge problem. We were able to pass along the changed time with ease, and people could run back home for a little bit. With this time of year being "move-out season," one of our friends had her mother in town to help begin the cleaning process. Because she lived to close, she was able to bounce back and forth between houses throughout the evening. As my roommates and I discovered at various points of the evening, we had forgotten about a few needed items. However, living next to so many other friends proved to be a life saver, for if we didn't have it, somebody else did.
This example gives an illustration of what my experience of living on campus has been like. I have immensely enjoyed being neighbors with my close friends, and being able to throw block parties and traveling dinner parties. This type of community living experience will be one of the many things I will miss about Rockhurst.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

5 Things I Will Miss About Rockhurst

What I WIll Miss About Rockhurst
2.) My CLC
Short for Christian Life Community, CLC is a small group that meets weekly to discuss each member's highs and lows of the week, as well as their moments closest to Christ. I think one of the most interesting aspects of CLC is that you do not chose which group you'd like to be in, but rather you are randomly placed. It is for this reason why CLC has provided me such a unique experience. 
When I applied to be a CLC leader, I had no idea what would be in store for me. I remember worrying that I wouldn't be a competent leader, and feeling anxious about who would be in my group. Well, I still don't know how confident I am in my leadership abilities, but I do know that I was given an amazing group. Each week I looked forward to hearing about the updates in their lives, as well as how they found God in their daily activities. It was such a blessing to be given a new perspective on life each week. These students moved me through their compassion for others, their dedication and hard work toward the activities they are involved in, and through their sense of humor. It's kind of ironic- I have been their leader for several years now, but I feel that I have learned so much from them. I will miss this group, who I consider to be my role models. 
My CLC "Tribal Jamz"

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5 Things I WIll Miss About Rockhurst

Since I will soon be graduating from Rockhurst, I have decided to create a reflective countdown each day until the "big day." Walking around campus fills me with such nostalgia and memories of the past, that I feel like I need to express them! I hope this little reflection will interest you in taking time out to enjoy the things that make you happy, and be grateful for all the blessings you have been given...even the small ones :)
What I Will Miss About Rockhurst
1.) Senate Midnight Breakfast
Senate Midnight Breakfast has always been a highlight of my Rockhurst experience. This breakfast feast, hosted by the student senate, is held every semester right before finals begin. I am proud to say that I have never missed one. It is so popular among the students, that I would dare to say it is one of the Rockhurst events with the most turn out. The only cost to participate is either $1 or a canned good. Not a bad deal! And it is not possible for you to leave hungry. They have pancakes, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, bacon, french toast sticks, and as much soda and coffee as you can drink.
While the food is delicious, Midnight Breakfast has given me so much more than something to munch on. Every year at this time is bittersweet. I am excited for summer to come, yet as soon as finals are over I know everyone will be gone. This breakfast is kind of like a last "hurrah" where all your Rockhurst friends come together at the same time. Looking back on my freshman year midnight breakfast, I remember me and a couple friends toasting to all the memories we made during our first year at college. After each "Here's to..." we took a sip of orange soda. I refilled my cup multiple times that night! Another year, after being all sugared up, we started a mini dance party in upstairs Massman. I remember laughing until I cried (and also being quite sore the next day). All these memories flooded back to me this year. As I looked around the cafeteria I realized how thankful I am for this Rockhurst experience, which has allowed me bond with friends, given me reason to look forward to finals, and eat some delicious food in the process.